Cochlear Implant Nucleus

(Contributed by: Jayshaud P.)

Technology: Cochlear Implant Nucleus

When was it invented:  1979

Who invented? A medical device group, Nucleus, becomes interested in the potential of Professor Graeme Clark’s work.

Manufacturing Company: Cochlear Limited

Where: Australia

What is it? The Cochlear Limited company created the  electronic medical device designed for deaf people. Cochlear implants help those with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears who are not receiving enough benefit when using hearing aids. Although there is no cure for hearing loss, the cochlear implant has become widely recognized as an established treatment for those with profound hearing loss. Cochlear Implant  helped deaf people by replacing the function of the damaged inner ear. There is the generation of  sound processors which is different from hearing aids. Cochlear Implant works by detecting sounds which are then turned into electrical signals by the receiver-stimulator and sent to the brain by the electrodes placed in the inner ear. There were many positive advantage to use cochlear implant. One of the positive advantages were deaf people can use cochlear implant to identify the sound in the environment .  The other positive advantage were cochlear implant  devices help deaf people’s life to become more easy by hidden under hair and match their color to the hair of device on the ears. One disadvantage were cochlear implant devices were expensive and some deaf people don’t have insurance to cover the price o cochlear implant.cochlear implants can improve auditory awareness of sounds at levels within the normal range of hearing, speech and language skills, quality of life, and employment opportunities.


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