(Contributed by Eilif M.) Compendium: Smartwatches When was it invented? Modern smartwatches emerged as a fitness tracker called the Nike FuelBand in 2012.  Other key players in the development in the smartwatch include the startup Pebble along with technology giant Apple with the Apple Watch in 2015.  [2] Who Invented it?  No one person invented... Continue Reading →



(Contributed to by: Taylor C.,  Zach J., Maria M.) Technology: Sidekick Invented By: 3 former Apple employees: Andy Rubin, Matt Hershenson, Joe Britt  [2,7] Invented When: End of 2000 [4] Significance: This was the first phone that had the processing power to run mobile internet supported applications, which meant AIM and other messaging apps, even... Continue Reading →

Braille Communicator

(Contributed by: Michael C.) Technology: Braille Communicator Invented: NA Started use around early 2000 Inventors/Vendors: These devices have been produces by a variety of companies including Lagarde [1], HIMS [3], AbleData [4], HumanWare [5], and many more. Purpose of Technology: A Braille Communicator is a device designed to aid Deaf-Blind individuals communicate with “see-ing” people.... Continue Reading →

Personal Captioning Devices

(Contributed by: Cait B., Grace M., and Zaklina P.) Technology: I See What You Say Invented: 2014 (still in process) Inventors: Jibril Jaha (Digital Army Devices) What purpose does the technology serve? Better and faster communication between hearing and deaf. How does/did it work? It's an app for android devices. A person speaks into Deaf... Continue Reading →

Personal Mobile Devices

(Contributed by: Daeja B., Greyson W., and Poshan K.) T-Mobile Sidekick, Danger Hiptop, Mobiflip, Sharp Jump When: Invented in 2002 Invented by: Developed by Danger Inc., a company located in Palo Alto, California. Then manufactured by Flextronics, Sharp Corporation, and at last Motorola. Each company mentioned assembled different models during different time periods. Impact on... Continue Reading →

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