(Contributed by: Kassandra R. and Evans S.)

Technology: FaceTime is Apple’s video and audio Calling service. It is a phone that uses your Wi-Fi or cellular data instead of traditional phone lines. You can use it from any Apple product such as, the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac to call anyone else using one of those Apple devices. [1]

Create Date: 2007

Release Date: June 2010

Invented by: Apple Inc.

Located Created: California

How does it work: To start a FaceTime, your iPhone or whichever Apple product you may be using, is the phone number in Apple ID email address as a way for other people to reach you. FaceTime is integrated into the phone app on your iPhone as long as you’re on Wi-Fi or cellular data, you can stay in touch with family and friends even while traveling connected with anyone in the world even without a long distance plan and not only here but see the people you’re talking to. [4]

  1. Launch the FaceTime app from your home screen.
  2. Talk to search for an upper center of the screen.
  3. Type the name of the contact you like to call.
  4. Tap the contact.
  5. Tap the video icon on the far right. It looks like a video camera. [5]

Impact on Deaf Community: FaceTime does impact Deaf community because FaceTime allows Deaf people to call hearing people through FaceTime that will connect to Z Video Relay Service (ZVRS) with interpret provider. However, FaceTime still required to use Wi-Fi at this moment. Steve Jobs was once worked with ZVRS. [3] Eventually, ZVRS and Apple became a partnership. [2]


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