(Contributors: Arooj A., Zainab A., Erin D., Jessica R.) Company:   Technology:   About: Wavio was created when founder Greyson Watkins, who is deaf, moved out on his own and began realizing the challenges he was facing from unintentionally waking up his roommate due to him making a lot of noise, to Greyson not hearing... Continue Reading →


SafeAwake Fire Alarm Aid

(Contributed by: Alexandra R.) Technology: SafeAwake Fire Alarm Aid with bed shaker Inventor: Harris Communications How it works: This fire alarm aid system is composed of a transmitter which connects the device to a smoke detector, a set of white flashing lights, a vibrating device, and a sound emitter which emits a high-decibel, low-frequency alarm.... Continue Reading →

Vibrating Alarm Clocks

(Contributed by: Cassidy P., and Dixie E.) Technology: Vibrating Alarm Clocks Invented: between 1890 and 1903 (exact year unknown) Invented by: William Edward Shaw (deaf since age 5) [1] [2] Went to American School for the Deaf in Hartford, CT Worked for electric companies Invented in home laboratory Worked with Thomas Edison Admired by Alexander... Continue Reading →

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