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About: Wavio was created when founder Greyson Watkins, who is deaf, moved out on his own and began realizing the challenges he was facing from unintentionally waking up his roommate due to him making a lot of noise, to Greyson not hearing his girlfriend’s daughter cry after falling down the stairs [2].  He realized after doing some research that 9 million homeowners have the same problem and Greyson wanted to find a solution[4].



  • Greyson Watkins (CEO/Founder)
  • Chrystal Schlenker
  • Zach Baltzer
  • Nicholas Lamb

When:  Wavio was created in 2015 and has an expected release date of 2017, however the company is still looking for investors and financial support in order to produce this product.

How it works: Wavio is a sound capturing unit that connects to a home Wi-Fi system.  Wavio can be programed to recognize any sound from the doorbell to a crying baby.  Wavio can be customized to detect which ever sounds the user choses as well as customize its sensitivity levels [5].  Once Wavio detects a programed sound, it will send alerts to any device the user has connected to it (I.e. smartphone, ipad, laptop, smartwatch etc).[3] Wavio’s “hub” must be wired into a home’s internet which then allows the microphone plug ins to be placed wirelessly throughout the home. Owners are able to download the Wavio app onto any device they chose and as many as they chose to receive notifications from Wavio [3].

Benefits for the Deaf Community: Wavio was created for the Deaf community by members of the Deaf community.  While it does prove beneficial to hearing consumers, it was created with the intention of improving the deaf communities ability to maintain their independence.

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