(Contributed by: Katherine C.)

Technology: Vibering

When: 2008

Inventor: Kwang-seok Jeong, Min-hee Kim and Hyun-joong Kim

Who does it serve: It serves those who are hard of hearing mostly, but can serve all those in the Deaf commuinty

Vibering 1

How it works: The Vibering was invented to alert a Deaf individual to sounds that hearing people interpret to be dangerous or signal danger. It listens to sounds around the wearer, and interprets them. It will then signal to the wearer what it is by vibrating and displaying it in the wristwatch. It works by having the wearer wear both rings and the wrist watch. Then it will listen for certain sounds or key phrases, such as “Excuse me [your name].” It will also interpret how far away and what direction the sound came from. There has not been anything posted about the Vibering since 2008, including links for purchase. This is most likely because smartwatches have the ability to do what this technology can, as well as several other functions.

Vibering 2Vibering 4Vibering 3



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