Phonak Roger Pen

(Contributed by Nao S.)

Technology: Phonak Roger Pen

When: N/A

Inventor: Phonak

How it works: The pen is an all-inclusive wireless microphone which picks up sound and sends it directly to the user’s receiver.  The product is mainly advertised for its discreetness and its ability to detect speech in noise over distance. The pen also has a micro USB socket used for both charging and streaming audio from any device, and comes with a Bluetooth feature so that the user can pair it with external devices wirelessly. [1]

There are also three microphone modes (conference, interview, lanyard) which automatically switch based on the surrounding environment. These different modes change the way the microphone operates which would be handy in various situations. For example, conference mode is used when the user lies the pen flat on a surface, such as a conference table, and has an omnidirectional microphone so that it can pick up sounds from any direction. Interview mode is used when the user points the pen at the person who is speaking. Finally, lanyard mode is used when the pen is equipped around the neck or fastened to a shirt. These different modes are all automatic based on the accelerometer inside the product. These modes can also be manually overridden by making use of the buttons on the pen; however, automatic mode is recommended for seamless transitions. [2]



[1] “Roger Pen.” Phonak,

[2] “Roger Pen and Roger Clip-on Mic: Adult Solutions.” AudiologyOnline,


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