(Contributed by: Charmina S.)

Technology: iCommunicator

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 08.51.08

Inventor: Michael F. Dorety

When Invented: March 2005

Where: iCommunicator software is from Interactive Solution Inc, Sarasota, Florida

What purpose does the technology serve? “The iCommunicator solution provides users with the first software that enables fluent two-way communication between people who are hard of hearing or deaf and the hearing population”, said Michael F.Dorety, vice president of business development, Teltronics.

How does it work? The iCommuncator program is downloaded and installed to run on a personal computer. Step by step installation instructions are provided. Once installed on a student’s laptop, he or she can then bring the computer into the classroom. The instructor wears a lightspeed wireless microphone that syncs to the iCommuncator program so that any spoken word is instantly translated into text and video sign language. This program can be used for more than just classrooms. Hospitals, courtrooms, offices, and many other public arenas can benefit from this tool that improves communication between the hearing and deaf world.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 08.52.12

The iCommunicator translates in real-time:
• Speech to Text
• Speech/Text to Video Sign-Language
• Speech/Text to Computer Generated Voice

Once translated, the user can easily:
• Use the built-in dictionary / Thesaurus to obtain definitions, synonyms and antonyms
• Perform internet searches for more information

Sources: http://icommunicator.com/index.html


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