Braille Communicator

(Contributed by: Michael C.)

Technology: Braille Communicator

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 08.57.11Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 08.57.46

Invented: NA Started use around early 2000

Inventors/Vendors: These devices have been produces by a variety of companies including Lagarde [1], HIMS [3], AbleData [4], HumanWare [5], and many more.

Purpose of Technology: A Braille Communicator is a device designed to aid Deaf-Blind individuals communicate with “see-ing” people.

How does it work? The device is comprised of the keyboard, inputs, braille display, and possibly a lcd display. An additional keyboard can be attached to the unit, to enable 1 on 1 communication [5]. The device can also connect to the internet through Wifi, where instructions, menu options, and all information is then displayed on the braille display [3]. There are a few models that can SMS text, or even utilize TTY software [5].

The device may have either a QWERTY or Perkin’s style keyboard. More recent editions (2014) of the devices include Bluetooth and Wifi so that the communicator device could sync to different devices as well as surf the internet and check emails.

The device is a communication device that can be used anywhere due to its mobility. Most units are lightweight, small, and equipped with rechargeable batteries [4]


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