Video Texting App

(Contributed by: Rebecca L., and Robyn P.)

Technology: Glide-Video Texting App.

Glide is a video messenger that allows you to send and receive video messages that can be seen in real-time (as you’re recording) or later (like a text message). It is a free video text messaging service that allows you to record up to five minutes of video at a time.[1]

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.14.43

When: May 15, 2012  [2]

Founded by: Ari Roisman (CEO), Jonathan Caras and Adam Korbl [2}

Where: Started in Jerusalem, but opened offices in Silicon Valley and New York. [2]

What purpose does the technology serve? Purpose is communication.

How does/did it work? Similar to regular text messaging, you can have a conversation with a single friend one-on-one or in a group chat via video. Record a video message and watch incoming messages instantly or later-whatever is convenient for you! Videos are saved in the conversation and can be accessed later and re-watched. The app is free and compatible with many Apple and Android devices. Can record up to five minutes at a time. Video messages are stored in the cloud, which means they don’t take up storage space on your phone or mobile device.[3]

What is the D/deaf advantage? Great for deaf individuals because it is a much faster mode of telecommunication than video chat, such as FaceTime or creating a video and uploading it to a text message, which either take too long or require both users to be online.


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